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Responsive Website Design Company

Responsive Website Design Company in Chennai

“Responsive web design - A crucial aspect for global web page recognition”

One website for all screen sizes

The purpose of Responsive web design is to make the webpage fit into the screen, irrespective of size, in such a way that the users don’t feel handicapped while accessing the website while using their phones or tablet PC.

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Spider India offers many services around responsive website design, in chennai, to help you with an engaging and responsive website that will bring traffic to your doorstep. We can catchup with you for a cup of coffe discuss in detail on your current or planned website to develop just what you need. See our Contact page to get in touch with us, or call us at 9940179997.

In Spider India this latest feature which is going to serve the future of the Web World is presented to the customers for all browsers and devices.

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Responsive Web Design adapts a website’s pages to any screen size like PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Ipads etc. With the emerging development of different electronic devices to view a web page in the last decade, it has become absolutely mandatory to design a web page to accommodate itself to the screen size, orientation, resolution and platform of the user’s device.

Why we need it?

Before the rise of millions of mobile users, the web designers had to create a page with an attractive look and pleasing readability for a single device. But, the same page viewed in a smartphone or tablet nowadays, can cut off a part of the page as well as have a lot of difficulties to navigate. The number of mobile internet users overtook the number of PC internet users in the year 2016. This makes it obligatory to design the web pages to be flexible for all the devices with various screen sizes, pixel-resolution and orientation. The designer should be aware of the various factors like navigation tools, images, videos, texts and other elements and assure that they all reshape themselves to the variety of devices so as to ensure there is no wastage of money on designing separate web pages for mobile and PC.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web designs are very advantageous when compared to normal design because of various factors like,

The layout of a responsive page is very flexible so that it can easily reconstruct itself across various screen sizes and devices. All the contents including texts,images and videos is fluid so that the appearance of the web page remains the same.

2.Increase in Users/Sales
More than half of the traffic to top websites are from smartphones in the last two years. Therefore it is obvious that having a Responsive Web design for your page can directly influence your sales by increasing the number of users checking your website.

3.Cost effective and Time saving
By having a Responsive web page, one does not have to design stand-alone pages for mobiles, PC and Ipads. This will drastically reduce the cost and time by avoiding the design of separate page, having multiple URL etc and thereby making the savings substantial.

4.On-the-go access
With the growth in the sales of smartphones and ease of using internet on it, Responsive web designs assists in effective access of websites at any place, any time.

5.Faster Page speeds
According to a study, Mobile users wait for a span of three minutes for a website to load or they abandon it. A web page designed for PC takes longer time to load in a mobile phone. Hence, it is almost mandatory to have a responsive web design in order to increase the nu,ber of customers.

6.Enhanced Browsing experience
Using a PC web page on a smartphone can be very intricate and annoying since they might be inaccessible images or videos, disorganization of content etc. A Responsive web design enhances your website by providing better options for navigation and good readability.

7.Higher rankings In Google search
Google officially recognizes the pages which are designed primarily as Responsive web pages. Owing to faster loading time and SEO enhancement, Responsive web design provides you with very high rankings on Google searches.

8.Easier to maintain
If you have separate sites for mobile and PC, then you will have to maintain separate SEO campaigns, multiple URLs etc. Therefore, a Responsive Web design can be easier and cheaper to maintain since you can have the same SEO campaign.

Why choose Spider India?

Spider India is the prominent designer of Responsive web pages in Chennai. Our skillful developers aspire to deliver highly optimized web pages that can restructure itself across various devices and different screen sizes. We help you indirectly in increasing your customers and improving your revenue margins.

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