Marketing brochure is one of the oldest techniques used in the marketing field. Nowadays where the digital marketing strategies are dominating the modern marketing methods, the traditional methods like handing over a trusty sales brochure are going unnoticed.

People prefer everything that is digital and marketing isn’t an exception from that. Physical marketing could be more powerful. In fact one of the marketing firms suggest physical media to be more memorable, persuasive and more likely to be successful than digital media.

Today’s best marketing strategy by the brochure designers in Chennai is to combine the digital with the physical media by focusing on posters, brochures and flyers just as much as websites and social media.

With giving an outline on the physical and digital marketing here is an easy 5 step marketing brochure design guide to give you a clear idea on how to create a marketing brochure from the scratch.

Setting the Target Audience

Before beginning to think about how your brochure might look like you need to concentrate on few things regarding your customers and about what your goals are

Any marketing material would have a designed objective. The same way a marketing brochure should be,

Targeting a specific segment of your market.

The aim must be to drive a specific metric.

If you have chosen the segment that you want to market say like income, location, age or lifestyle choices then your brochure’s information and imagery should be designed in such a way that it reaches the specific customer group.

Just to clarify this, there is an example.

A home insurance brochure that is made to target 75 to 85 year old customers should be entirely different from those made for 25 to 35 year old customers.

Thus the first step in developing a marketing brochure must be to design one that reaches out to the specific people that you are trying to target.

If you have an idea of targeting more than one customer group, then there are brochure templates that will help you redesign again and again. To start of with just stick to one specific market.

The next step is to identify a measurable metric you would want your brochure to promote.

You should be able to compel the potential customers to complete certain specific action.

More like making them reach out to your store or sign up for your email newsletter.

These are a few examples you might need to look at

If your aim is to book more service consultations, your brochure should have the benefits that the clients will be getting from the consultations and the contact information they need to book a consultation.

If you want to pull people into your booth at an upcoming trade show, your brochure should display a new product that you will have on hand at the show and attach a coupon for the product that can be used during the event.

You want people to check out your all new online store ? then your brochure should feature a promo code just for all the first time customers.

On the whole the objective of creating a powerful and successful marketing brochure is to have a target. To concentrate on the wants and needs of a specific segment of your market and also to promote a single action.

Thoughtful Messaging

Now since you are clear about the basic of ways of promoting your business you need to focus on copy writing.

The structure of your brochure guide must be in such a way that it should walk people through your content.

For that you need to figure out what should come on the front, middle and the back page of your brochure and develop the content accordingly.

Front Page

The front page of the brochure should deliver a single clear message.

Front page is the one to grab the attention of the readers, so everything that you put up on the front page should make them turn to the next page.

There are a few tricks that you need to follow.

  • Have a clear idea about how you can satisfy the needs of your customers.
  • Build an amount of curiosity by asking a question. For example “what makes us special?”.
  • Keep it as bold and specific as possible.
  • When promoting a product let the product speak for itself.
  • If your brochure just carries an informational content about your business offerings, put your brand name in the front and at the centre.
  • If you are providing or promoting a special deal or an offer mention it on the front page.
  • Be specific with a target and convey it as one clear message on the front page with minimal words possible. Make sure it comes under 25 words.

Main Brochure

Moving on to the next, the main brochure contents

  • Now that you have got your reader’s attention, you now need to give them information about your products and services.
  • Write a copy having three sections each with a header and a brief description.
  • Your header must be crisp stating your business offerings so that it can give an exact idea about what you are promoting.
  • It should be so satisfying that it shouldn’t need further explanations.
  • And empty words like Introduction or About us doesn’t really work.
  • Focus more on customer needs than on business needs.
  • Beneath these headers, you need to describe your product in detail. Even here keeping the description as precise as possible might help.
  • These are the places where you can interest the customers and make them visit your store or website.

Back Page

After you have spoken in detail about your offerings its a must that you include information your customers would want to take an action. It maybe an email address or contact number or direction to your business or a link to your website.

It’s more like you have done your part by convincing and now you need to allow the readers move to the back page to get to this information.

This is also a good place to put on extra information like pricing or adding whatever you feel would help promote your business.

Collecting Relevant Images and Illustrations

When it comes to creating a brochure its very important to grab the attention of the readers in every possible way. One of those is to visually interest them.

Find one image to describe one product offering

A feature image for your title page

Few more images to add to the About us and Contact sections.

If you get an image that can illustrate the product too, then that is the one you need to use.

Choosing a single color theme, and proper icons would make you look like a professional. You do not want to distract the readers from the real content and your product.

Design The Brochure

Using a proper design in which you present your brochure is as important as building the content for your brochure.

Use templates that are especially designed for brochures.

If you are happy with the template that you have chosen you need to align or rearrange your content.

The more professional way is to centre it horizontally.

If you centre the content, make sure you centre the icons and the images too.

Resize the images, if possible crop them accordingly.

Bold and relevant images with crisp and short content is all you need in your brochure.

Adding a Background

Setting suitable background images and colors would attract the readers even more.

Do not use more that three to four colors.

Using just one bold color is more likely to look elegant and attractive than using multiple colors.

How would you know what color to choose ? This is where you could use your brand color from your logo or any other materials like your website, business cards or flyers.

Last but not the least, leave a lot of space in your brochure. Because anything that looks spacious looks good.

Repurpose Your Brochure Design

You have now put all your work into one complete brochure. You can now adapt and use it for different purposes. Keep the same layout and change the colors, images and the content.

This process might be little time consuming, but is very simple and extremely essential.

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