Mistakes that Business men make while hiring web designers

Everyone knows the importance of having a website for their business which is the modern way of popularizing your products or services. The most tedious work is to choose from the thousands of web design companies which has lakhs of designers. There are variety of options which has to be considered before hiring a web designing company. Here are some of the blunders,

1.Not availing CMS for the site

CMS stands for Content Management System, which gives you a chance to update your website even without the slightest knowledge of the basic coding. You need not be completely dependent on the developer if the website is built using CMS like WordPress. This could give you an option to customize your web pages anytime and also provides you with sufficient control to your site.

2.Not using Responsive web design

Responsive web design is the latest trend in designing websites and it is also acknowledged by Google by providing higher ranks for responsive sites. Responsive design refers to a site that is completely flexible and can be viewed perfectly in any device having different resolutions and variety of screen sizes. You must make sure that the developer is familiar with Responsive design and uses that path to build your site.

3.Using free website builder

Relying on a free website builder which claims to design a website in few moments can be very problematic since you may end up with a cheap looking site which is backed up by unknown lines of codes which could increase the loading time.

4.Not analyzing the contents and not planning the design

Hiring a company who are ignorant about your contents and also do not provide you with a perfect plan of action for developing the website can be a distressing journey. You must make sure that the designers are well educated about your company as well have a strategy put forth if you wish to end up with a satisfying website.

5.Zero Knowledge in SEO and Social Media

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which simply refers to the rankings you are given in any search engines when searched for your field of business. SEO directly affects the traffic to your site since it reflects the visibility of your site to the visitors. If your designing agency is not familiar with SEO, then you would end up with an average website with no visitors.

Social media is a prominent tool for marketing your product or service since it is cost effective and easily reachable to millions of people. You must make clear that the company you are hiring will be able to help you in marketing your products and promoting your website on social media platforms.

6.Paying Less/Paying More

The exact cost for designing and hosting a website cannot be predicted in advance. This could cause a problem financially since you may be reluctant to pay a lot of money.

If you pay very less money, you might end up with a second-rate website. On the other side, you must know that all the websites are designed with similar software and just because you paid an extra amount doesn’t mean that you will get a higher functionality website.

So you have to know some basics on web designing and check with a few companies before committing to one.

7.Not highlighting important information

The web design company must make sure that they get all the customer’s information before planning the design. The data must be analyzed and the priority must be given to some contents that form the core of the business. The website must be able to highlight the special products and special offers in a manner that attract the audience.

8.No regular updates

Nothing remains the same for a long time. Hence, the web design company must make sure that they keep the website up to date. Also keeping the website updated to modern standards can also improve the security against cybersecurity risks.

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