Before getting directly into the Logo design process, let us answer a few commonly asked questions like, why do we need a logo?, what good does it do for your business?, How should a logo be? These are the most often asked questions about a logo design.

A Logo must display the main principles of the organization as well as its field and about its services. A logo can help the customers to get minimal but sufficient information about the brand on their first look thereby creating the first impression which is very important.

A Logo is not just a small picture or symbol or few letters, it is the representation of the company in the society. The few characteristics that makes a logo great are,

  • 1.Simplicity
  • 2.Memorable
  • 3.Timeless
  • 4.Versatile
  • 5.Relevant

Steps in Logo design process

The logo design process is not an easy process. It requires serious creative skills and out of the box thinking in order to create a Logo which can put forth your business vision in a nutshell. This is one of the main reasons why we require a Professional and experienced designer to work with you. The various steps in the logo design process are,/p>

1.Briefing by client

Every design starts with understanding the needs of the client. You can either interview the clients or ask him to answer a questionnaire regarding the logo design which could give you adequate information in order to create a unique but informative logo for the company.

Some of the basic questions are,

  • What business is the organization into?
  • What type of logo they require?
  • If there are some special colors which might symbolize their work?

The data from the clients forms the base for any design since the final design must be satisfying to them.

2.Research by Designer

Though the clients give most of the information for the design, it is very important that the designer also does his fair stretch of research in order to study the company by looking into their previous works and old clients and the variety of business they do. The designer must decide which type, design, color etc would suit the company.

Though the clients information is of vital importance, the designer must see to that the beauty of the logo is not spoiled by unusual ideas from clients. The designer must be able to justify the real reasons why he had to change certain designs contrasting the clients ideas.

3.Initial sketching and Presentation

The designer has to identify the keywords, symbols or pictures which represent the company and then try to conceptualize the idea for the logo. Then, he has to create an initial rough sketch to identify the angles in which the logo could be more attractive.

Once the brainstorming, conceptualization and initial sketching is done, then the digital works for producing the vector drawing has to be started which is done in Adobe Illustrator. Then, the logo is given various color,shapes and forms in order to find a suitable one.

Usually two to three samples are presented to the client in order to get their perspective. If you provide more options than that then you might have to rework all of them if the client is not satisfied. This would make the job more tedious. Hence, provide few options which has good creativity and shows off all the ideas of the client.

4.Client Feedback

When sufficient number of samples are created, a few are selected and forwarded to the client. Mostly the samples are accompanies with a description text which explains the vision of the logo. The client can take his time and verify the different aspects of the logo and revert his feedback about the changes to be made if there are any.

5.Reworking or edits (if needed)

If the client is not satisfied with the designs, then the designer must create a new set of designs. If there are specifics such as color, shape or font which the client is not happy with, then the edit must be made and the corrected version must be presented to the client again.
This reworking will go on until the client is satisfied with the logo.

6.Final design delivery

When the client is happy with the logo, the designer must produce the file in different forms like JPEG, EPS etc which could help in the future. Some clients might need a black and white version of the logo and some might need different sizes which can be scaled down and presented by the designer.


Though a Logo may look simple in an outlook, there is a lot of hard work and creative thinking put in to it. A logo is said to be a great and successful one, only if it is able to present the entire vision and principles of the company within a small space. During a Logo design process, there must be 100% transparency between the client and designer which is the only way to end up with a satisfying result.

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