Google has algorithms that help in providing rankings for websites based on their content quality and relevance and legitimacy in detail. In the early stages, Google provided ranking on amount of content present on the website and also number of people using the links.

This could be manipulated by filling the page with worthless and irrelevant content just to get on top of rankings. Also by using certain applications, it is possible to increase the number of users by manipulating the links pointing to the page.

After 2011, Google came up with the concept of Google Panda and Google Penguin to overcome this issue and gain the trust of the users by providing quality content on top rankings. In simple terms, Panda and Penguin are just Google updates that improves the quality of search results and provides better customer experience.

Google Panda

Google Panda was introduced in February,2011 with the only task being, checking the quality of the content. The sites having low quality content will have a negative impact from Panda which will direct reflect on their search engine rankings. Thus, Panda helps to unveil high quality contents to the user’s eyes.

The content of the website must be rechecked, optimized and made precise in order to get higher ratings in Panda. There are no other ways to recover your site from bad rankings from Panda. The algorithms affect the entire site even if a particular page is irrelevant or plagiarized.

During the first few updates, the date of the update was available to users which could help them identify if their rankings have been affected or not. But the latest updates are done gradually and without any prior information which makes it hard for the site owner to know whether his site is negatively impacted by Panda or not.

The only way to prevent Panda from impacting your website traffic negatively is by creating a high quality, polished and precise content which has only the relevant details and answers for query that are most commonly imposed.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin was introduced in April,2012 with the sole purpose of bringing down websites that influence the search rankings through link farms. It check on the quality of the links that point towards your site. Link farms refers to websites that create links that points back to your websites to show as if there is lots of traffic to the site.

Some people use this strategy in order to gain high search engine rankings. Everyone knows that the more links that back your website, the better search engine ranking you have. Hence, people use paid website to act as link farms and manipulate search results to reach the top. If an owner hires a SEO, he can also follow this tactic without owner’s knowledge which will affect the website ranking nowadays. This tactic was very easy way to cheat and it used to work well before the concept of Penguin was introduced.

Google also provides a Google Disavow links tool which can be used to get rid of many links which are present without your knowledge. The disavow process can be done on individual links or in domains.

Once you recover from penguin by removing all the unusual links, you will not be placed in the same ranking as before since the previous links must have held you in a higher position than you deserve.

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